Featuring the Best Formal Wear for Baby Girls

As our baby girls start to grow bigger, we always feel excited to dress them up and make them look like real life princess. This is the reason why most of us usually run to famous Baby Clothes shop just to buy clothes to be given as gifts to baby girls on special events. What we have is list of suggested Formal Wear Clothes that will definitely make every baby feel like the star of the event.

1. Cinderella 2 Pieces Formal Dress Set


Be a fairy godmother to your baby girl by transforming her into beautiful Cinderella, as you dress her up with this 2 Piece – Formal Dress Set design having four layers of organza & teal faux tutu/petty skirt design. With the quality choice of fabric used in this clothing, every baby girl would feel glamorous and comfortable as the lining is designed to have a blend of cotton. We believe that this is a must buy since it could be used to any type of formal occasion.

2. Little Princess 2 Pieces Formal Dress Set


Made with almost the same item as the Cinderella outfit, The Little Princess Formal Wear for baby girls is perfect for the sensitive skin of the baby as the final layer of this gown is made up of cotton for a rash free baby party. The dress itself is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 1 year and it is called two piece set as it also comes with a baby headband.

3. Chloe’s Design Pink Ball gown dress


Possessing a girly design of sleeveless chiffon layers with a touch of sparkling glitter and glossy embroidery, this ball gown will never fail to make your baby girl become a head turner at every formal event. Apart from the fabric and detailed embroidery, the design is even made trendier with the inclusion of a ribbon sach belt that emphasizes your baby’s waistline.

4. Red Cleopatra Dress


Since red is the color or passionate love and beauty, the Cleopatra baby Girl’s formal clothing will surely be successful to make her look like the ever blooming and sophisticated Cleopatra. Being decorated with red prints and 3D rose on the red ribbon sash, the gown can be elegantly worn by any baby because experts prove that each linen is ensured to make your baby girl feel at ease even in a hot summer month.


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