Baby Clothes in Australia

Baby clothes on line in Australia is a great place to get awesome deals and very unique styles and designs which you cant find instore. However the pricing of some stores on line in Australia, is bit rich and very expensive or have catches that you don’t really know about til you receive your item.

PicMonkey Collage2

Let me break it down for you. It could be like baby tuxedo we purchased for our 2 year old. We were so excited and anticipating the arrival of the baby suit as it was for a christening. When the parcel arrived, very nicely packaged and wrapped, yet when I opened the packaging I found that the size 2 I ordered and was accustomed too, was like a size 4.

The design was exactly the same, the print was exactly the same, the cut was exactly the same, yet the online sizing was so off what we were use too and I was certain that my 2 year old would never fit into such an outfit for at least another 2 years.

What do I do? I needed a suit withing 4 days and needed the right sizing and the baby suit needed to be the same size as we were accustomed to in Australia. Like the sizes of the department stores and shopping outlets we shop at in the real world.

I called the online store and no answer, I was getting pretty upset and quite annoyed not only that the size was wrong but damn they were not even answering either.

I left multiple missed calls, but realised I couldn’t just wait til someone got back to me, so emailed the email address online store and then figured I better do some research before I make my next online purchase for the baby suit tuxedo for my baby boy.

I found and yes before I even looked at the designs I called the phone number that was advertised. It was Phone:1300 735 632 and they answered straight away with an Australian accent and very efficient. I Asked about the baby tuxedo sizing and baby boy suits and the customer service lady guided me through the purchasing and sizing while I browsed through the gallery of tuxedo after tuxedo and tuxedo.

It was a brilliant site that shipped daily all their clothing and all the clothing was made to measure like our Australian sizing and we were sure to receive it within a few days as all items were in stock.

It was such an easy process.

I found the rule of thumb for online shopping is to ensure you call the online store first and see if they do answer and ask about the sizing and shipping and any other questions.

The great thing about this site was that they did free shipping to anywhere in Australia and they were so friendly and the sizing charts were online to assist me with my individual needs I had with my baby boy tuxedo suit needs.




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