Baby Tuxedos and suits

Suits and ties and all things expensive come to mind when planning weddings and special occasions.  And God forbid tell baby tuxedothe sales rep your dealing with its for a wedding party and your baby is the Paige boy or the ring bearer and you get an additional 50% added to your bill.
I call this the wedding tax rip off bill. It’s a nightmare looking for baby suits and baby style tuxedos Instore.
Forget taking your baby with you to find the the baby suit and that perfect baby tuxedo. That becomes the mother of all nightmares. You may ask so where would I shop for a baby tuxedo or baby suit without trying it on the baby.
If you have planned your time ahead, shopping for baby clothes online is a cinch and you get the perks of being able to exchange and refund even if the garment is not up to your standard. Let me explain. I ordered a baby suit from and it was delivered free to my door from Sydney to Melbourne In 3 days.
They did have express shipping option at $10.50 extra but I chose not to have this and took the free shipping option.
I wasn’t disappointed at all.
It arrived as they promised and all went well.
I however wanted to get a bigger size as I figured the wedding was to be in 2 months and wanted to get an extra size bigger. The customer service was impeccable and very thorough.
Once they received my exchange, they emailed me and they informed me of when the bigger suit was being sent.
The whole process took approximately 7 days all up and I couldn’t be happier.
Visiting is a must. I do also suggest to check out the exchange and return policies for online stores as they don’t all have such great deals like Adam and Eve Baby Wear.

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