Cheap baby girls dresses

If anyone says baby girls dresses or baby girls formal wear to me again this week I will grab all my daughters dresses and toss them over their head. The cost of these cute baby girls dresses especially for new born baby girls dresses is immense.
How can such a small dress with little tutu and frills cost $120.00 when there is barely any material in the dress as the size is a size 000.
Ok this was they type of meltdown u as having the other day with my mothers group about baby girls clothing and baby girls dresses and then one of the most savviest and very fashion forward mums said to me Adam and Eve.
I was like ‘sorry, what’s Adam and Eve got to do with cheap baby girls dresses?’
She replies with this very eloquent name for an online store called
She swears by it, she was bragging about its clothing such as cheap baby girls dressesbaby girl dress in australia, baby girls newborn clothing and loves that nothing is over $45.00.
I was in shock at then end when she said that if you called the 1300 number an Australian voice will answer too.
That’s when 2 other mums grabbed their phones and googled Adam and Eve baby wear and got the number and called it themselves.
Yes an Australian voice answered, very politely answered all the nitty gritty questions bout Australian sizing and baby girls dresses and the materials used and the quality of the tutus and the cost of the 3 piece dress pieces and shoes they had advertised for $30.00.
It was a great site, the mothers were all very excited to save the website and a bit of credit card damage was done that night by myself purchased 4 dresses u set $100 with free delivery.
As a shopper of online only stores, this was a deal not to be missed for all your baby girls needs.
A brilliant little site called

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