The importance of a good baby bib

Whether it’s a bib to stop your little bub from destroying their clothes during feed time or a tuxedo to be the life of the party, comfort in the clothes they wear should be the main concern for your little sparkle.

COMFORT you ask?

Why comfort?babybib.jpg

What about how cute they look? What about being the life of the play group or party?

I strongly believe comfort sets the standard for your childs future clothing drama tantrums  and fiascos they will throw when it’s time to dress themselves.

Unless it’s comfortable clothing your dressing them in, you may be running after your child permanently implanted in their birthday suits and joining a nudest colony.

I believe in conditioning your child to liking something with pretty prints, girly twirly tutus, the most popular carton print on a t-shirt for your little man (that  mind you costs a small fortune and is sure to only last 6 months lifetime).

From a young age, a child reacts to bath time by the way you introduce it to them, a child eats their food as their hungry and have no choice or cause the care giver manipulates the greens and beans to look and taste good which turns into comfort food as it eliminates hunger and kinda tastes yum

It’s the same concept with clothes.

Kids clothes are a necessity. Therefore choosing them carefully is important as you are setting certain indirect standard and qualities for future reference for your child.

I hear your brain saying What are you talking about!

🙂 I explain it this way.

If you ensure your child has input into what they wear, you are building on independence and indirect decision making skills.

I’m no shrink but with kids, they learn and absorb learning through all aspects of activities.

Next time you need to upgrade your kids wardrobe, try this.

Make it a date and something to look forward too.

Make it a planned event. For example:

Introduce a concept of budget to your child and with this skill you are teaching them the concept of money and utilizing it wisely

Have a plan to what you want to buy. Is it for a special event which will have alot of dancing involved. Again selling this idea to your child that  buying something comfortable to allow them to look cute, lovely (use language appropriate for their age and dont fall into the trap of saying you look hot when the child is only 3 years old caus your conditioning the child’s self perception.

Incorporate fun into the event by making time for mum/dad/Aunty/ grandma time with the child by  having a hot chocolate during the day. You’ll find the child some how becomes more cooperative knowing there’s a reward following all this shopping. This may be considered by others as bribery but I say if it works it’s cooperative partnersip’ing via shopping.

I’m just exhausted thinking bout this blog and what I have to look forward too when my twins get to the age of hot chocolate shopping dates.

Right now it’s easier pushing them in their pram and bribing them with a lolly pop just to sit in the pram while mum buys some groceries to make dinner and mum will subtly put in some comfort food in the grocery basket.

Happy shopping and good luck


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