Baby Girls Clothes Tips for Mommies

Baby girls clothes are so delightful to indulge over. Oftentimes, mommies findredridingthemselves buying more clothes for their babies rather than their own. However, if you are a first time mom or if this is your first baby girl, here are few tips regarding baby girls clothes that you should remember.

Dainty Dresses to Love

Who wouldn’t adore a baby wearing a nice dress? Babies look so cute when they are wearing a dress. Sure, babies can pull off any dress. But, it is important that you choose a comfortable dress they can wear in several hours. You should be looking for a no fuss dress with breathable cotton. Ruffles are a no-no, unless you want them to go grumpy for a couple of minutes. You might want to purchase one for special occasions, too. A great idea would be fluffy colors, or perhaps a floral dress with detachable ornaments like little diamonds or flowers. Also, you can look for dresses with matching accessories. There are long ball gowns with a pair of glass slippers or perhaps a tiara to finish it off.

Clothes for Warm Weather

If you want to prepare for the summer time, or if you are currently living in a tropical country, it is best that you check out the material and the design of the dress. Since it is for warm weather, you might want to stick to sleeveless or halter dresses with light color or prints. You might also want to check out dresses with beading or needlework. Just make sure that the stitches are covered by another layer of cloth as this might become itchy for your baby.

Outdoor Clothes for Babies

Babies love spending time outdoors. So, you might want to get baby girls clothes with stretch neckline or zipper that can extend to fit the baby’s head. In that way, if accidents happen, you can immediately change nappy. If you want a more playful approach, you can get a themed dress like the well-loved Hello Kitty or the adorable Barbie dress.

There is nothing like a day on the beach. So, make sure your baby is packed with a swimsuit. Ideally, you should purchase a cotton beach wear. And, for a more fashionable look, go for bold colors with contrasting patterns. It gives a nice edge to a plain day at the pool.

Sports Wear for Baby

Although babies aren’t into sports just yet, mommies love to dress their baby up with athletic attire. Don’t they look so cute with rubber shoes and jogging pants? Well, there are a lot of plain tees that can be mixed and matched with shorts of different colors.

Sleeping Baby Girls Clothes

As for sleeping clothes, they should be very comfortable in it. A soft cotton material is best for baby’s pajamas. Fashionable mommies can go for clothes with different colors.

While it is quite alluring to buy as much baby girls clothes as you can, it is advisable not to buy too much at a time. Keep in mind that your baby will eventually grow out of it. Otherwise, you will end up with tons of unused baby clothes.

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Tips on How to Clean and Store Baby Tuxedos

Being part of formal events such as weddings play a very important role in everyone’s social life. Similar to adults, young kids such as baby boys need to be dressed properly on formal events. To some parents, finding baby girl’s outfit is easier than finding baby boy’s clothes. As a consequence, parents indeed give extra care towards young men’s clothes such as Baby Tuxedo not only because of its expensive price but also because of its difficulty to find.


Here are some tips which parents whether young or old could do to make sure that the best baby tuxedo is properly maintained and kept for the next formal event.

1. Dry Clean and Press Tuxedos Before Storing


Unlike adults, children tend to be messy when they eat food. We can’t eliminate the fact that even when we try to keep their garments away from stains and spills, the possibility of being soiled is still present. Thus, it is very advisable for parents to make sure that the Baby Tuxedo given the right dry cleaning and pressing procedure.

2. Hang the Gament Appropriately

As much as possible parents should make it a point that they pick the right hanger for Baby Tuxedos. Never use very thin wood, metal or plastic hangers; instead, you have to buy yourself a specialized jacket hanger that’s designed to sustain the over all appearance of your child’s tuxedo jacket.

3. Keep Baby Tuxedo’s in Airy Garment Bags

In terms of long term storage, baby tuxedos need to be given proper ventilation to make sure that the moist gets eliminated. Plastic, Nylon or Vinvyl garment bags are just meant for temporary usage as they invoke acid which moistens the fabric enabling it as a perfect habitat for harmful organisms such as molds and mildews.

4. Use masking tape against Dusyt Baby Tuxedos

There are times when stubborn dusts and dirt get into your baby boy’s formal outfit and you just get so frustrated to remove it. It is suggested that you should not wipe, rub or scrub any of these as it can only cause snags and irreversible color loss. One of the cheapest and fastest solution to solve this problem is to get a masking tape, wrapped it around your fingers with the sticky side out and use it to detach the dust and dirt from the Baby Tuxedo’s Fabric.
These are just some of the suggested tips to make sure that your favorite and most well kept baby boy’s outfit still gets to look as brand new even when years and years of storage have passed.